Press Review

Meet AL.EA., your new supplying partner for tailor-made industrial components. Resto del Carlino, January 8th, 2020 

An ever-expanding Company: well-established partnerships in China and new production sites in Vietnam. Gazzetta di Parma, April 17th 2019

Brand new partnerships in Europe and record turnover for AL.EA. in 2017. And 2018 starts BIG! Stay tuned!
Gazzetta Di Parma - March 28th 2018

AL.EA. hits the gas at MECSPE. The exhibition for manufacturers and subcontractors shows a new record number of qualified visitors. 
Gazzetta Di Parma - March 23rd 2018

L'Ammonitore magazine provides AL.EA. profile while dedicating a special issue to MECSPE Exhibition
L'Ammonitore - March 2018

AL.EA. Increase in turnover. New professionals employed. Gazzetta di Parma 29/03/2016

AL.EA.: ten years of activity celebrated at MECSPE
Gazzetta Di Parma - 02/04/2015

Great success at the show Mecspe 2015 for AL.EA.
L'ammonitore - March 2015

AL.EA. thinks to foreign markets. Debut at Verona Metef 2014
Gazzetta di Parma - 17/06/2014

Supplier in China. The Chinese market still offers a lot of potential
European Business Journal - November 2013

ALEA is growing and hiring, China is still the main focus
Gazzetta Di Parma - 12/12/2013

Is China still a good deal? Parma says YES!
Gazzetta Di Parma - 21/09/2011

This is the China that Made in Italy needs
Panorama Economy - 30/06/2011

AL.EA Consulting opens the new headquarter in Sant'Ilario d'Enza
Parma Today - 16/03/2011

Sparring Vlup: a "mix" between squash, ping-pong and beach tennis
Gazzetta di Parma - 29/01/2011

New opportunities from the Chinese market
Dossier 2010

Alea doubles in China and opens the new branch
Gazzetta di Parma - 23/12/2010

AL.EA, more marketing in China
Gazzetta di Parma - 3/03/2010

A reality to be understood before investing on it
Dossier Emilia Romagna - Ottobre 2009

Al.ea Consulting: contract in Tibet for 4 million dollars
Gazzetta di Parma - 25 /09/2009

Alea grows. New headquarter opens
Gazzetta di Parma - 9/07/2009

You alter ego with branch in Shanghai
Il Sole 24 Ore - 30/06/2009

AL.EA, consulting at 360° in the heart of Shanghai
Gazzetta di Parma - 01/10/08

Italian enterprises conquer the Eastern
Dossier Emilia Romagna - Settembre 2008

Investing in China... from Traversetolo
Informazione di Parma - 18/09/2008

Your mechanical components
Industria Conserve - Luglio/settembre 2008

Conquering China with AL.EA Consulting
Economia & Impresa - Gennaio 2008

Periodical checks to guarantee the quality
Gazzetta di Parma - 06/09/2007

Even the SME can expand in China
Gazzetta di Parma - 28/06/2007

AL.EA : consultancy "eradicated" for whom wants to produce in China
Gazzetta di Parma - 25/01/2007

AL.EA : China at hand

The enterprises go to China
Dossier Emilia Romagna